Saturday, October 9, 2010


A couple weeks ago we woke up early, loaded the car, hit the open road and found ourselves at DISNEYLAND! The happiest place on earth!


I LOVE this picture, not fond of the hat but Ri loves it and so does Pluto, I guess that's all that matters.


We met up with the Chamblesses and Riley and James were chosen to do the Jedi training. It was hilarious! Ri had issues activating the lightsabor thing. And I thought I was getting video, but apparently I was laughing too hard to realize.



We also made our first visit to the Lego Store, it's amazing. Riley had a great time looking at all the lego sets, his eyes were the size of silver dollars.


And a couple of Molly Jane...



Friday, September 3, 2010

For Grandpa Gary...

Because you are the only one who looks at this!!

Riley and Molly

Riley's first day of preschool!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Random Things

Andrew's gone a little crazy! His newest most favorite mode of transportation...his new yellow bike! To me, it's hilarious! And because he gets a new bike, Riley and Molly need a bike trailer, and since they all got new wheels, mama needs a new bike too. Ahhh, family fun, right?

Andrew and the babes. The thumb sucking has turned into fingers,
the middle two on her right hand.

Molly started food in May! So far she loves it, not a fan of green beans or peas, but we're working on it.

February and March

In February we had a huge snow storm, so we took a day trip to Tehachapi to play.

Riley and Andrew sledding! Riley just screamed the whole way down the hill,
he was having a blast.

In March we moved!!!! So if the stress of having a new baby and adjusting to being a mother of two wasn't enough, we added in the move and the week of painting and cleaning to the mix. I'm still tired! Molly at 4 months, still only weighing 10.2 and finally wearing 3 month clothes.

Riley using my camera, not bad!

Christmas 2008

Christmas is all a blur now! We had a great season celebrating the birth of Jesus and giving thanks for the blessings of 2008. It was a special christmas season for me to be able to explain more to Riley about Jesus and why we do what we do. He understood more this year and that was exciting to see.

Look at sweet Madie and Kayla, and then notice Riley, what a cheeseball! Molly at 8 weeks. Still not fitting into newborn size clothes.

Riley's 3rd Birthday

Seven short days after Molly was born it was Riley's 3rd birthday. We had a very last minute party at John's Incredible with a few friends and family.

No party would be acceptable without James

This was the big hit gift, a real-looking "stinky" truck. Riley and James LOVED it, and it provided hours of entertainment.

Molly at the party, she slept in her carseat most of the night. She was a little yellow due to the jaundice issues she had. Sweet sleepy girl.

Introducing Molly Jane

Molly was born November 3rd, 2008
(which happens to be my birthday too!)
1:01 pm
6.5 pounds
19 inches

Riley meeting Molly for the first time.

She came out sucking her thumb!